wdict is no longer available

Once upon a time there was no working web dictionnary front-end so I hacked in Perl CGI script. It worked but it was an ugly and insecure piece of code that did not provide much fonctionnality beyond the very basics. A few months later, Doug Hoffman wrote an incomparably better tool that does the same thing although incomparably better and is now in use at dict.org. I therefore no longer use my obsolete script.

For the curious, here is the old Freshmeat entry :

	wdict is a cgi-bin script to access dict dictionaries from a Web
	page. It is a simple wrapper that passes arguments to the dict client.
	Installation is very simple - by default, it will use the local dictd, but
	you can change the dict client command line parameter in the script to do
	whatever you want. You also need the Perl module URI::Escape.

	wdict now uses URI::Escape to sanitize user input. Anonymous
	statistics tell the user how many times a word has already been entered.
	The interface allows the user to select a search strategy (soundex, regex,
	prefix, substring, Levenshtein distance, etc.). 

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