Welcome to the Ruwenzori

This is Jean-Marc Liotier's repository for randomly dumped misceanellous stuff. It has absolutely nothing to do with the Ruwenzori mountains... I just needed a domain name and ended up picking that one because I find it inspiring. If you are looking for the Ruwenzori Mountains, the appropriate Google search will serve you much better.

Local ressources :

Nowadays, much of what I put online is announced in my blog. Head there if you want the freshest news.With most of what I publish now piling in blogs and various other places, expect everything found here to have reached an advanced state of staleness. But cool URIs don't change so it is still there in case it is useful to someone.

My lame systems administration scripts. They work for me... I'm not guaranteeing anything else, but who knows...

Real time simulated Earth view. Calculated every 10 minutes with cloud cover updated eight times a day, all thanks to the power of Xplanet.

IPv6 is good for you. If like me you run Debian and wish to make all that goodness yours, my insignificant IPv6 global connectivity howto may assist your quest.

Afriquepluriel.ch is back online : I unearthed Olivier Bain's old african archives, cleaned them up and put them back online. French content only.

I shoot digital, I used to scan negatives, and here are a few things I learned along the way.

The photo gallery. Photos by Jean-Marc Liotier....

Gaming ressources. Not addicted to gaming yet ? Join our tiny community of friendly gamers ! We used to play a lot together, but other activities have displaced this one, but the statistics are still up for historical purposes.

I ride a mountain bike, mostly in Paris. Here is some relevant stuff. I just added the documentation for the Sunn Obsys.

I also ride my roller skates in Paris. Paris is a great city for skating : if you ever come there, don't forget your skates ! Here is a report of a reliability problem with my Salomon shoes.

For the curious, here are the traffic report for some of the virtual hosts we manage, including the one you are currently looking at. Our system resides on a dedicated server cheaply hosted by the nice folks at Lost Oasis.

This is ruwenzori.net. Send comments, suggestions, criticism, money and death threats to Jean-Marc Liotier.