Broken Salomon skates

August 2003. Here are pictures of a broken Salomon roller skate :
  • A first picture.
  • Another one.
    The pictures are quite large so that detail can be seen.

    The problem

    Another Salomon roller skate broke in a similar way a few months ago : on the back of the shoe, the screw that holds the ankle support tore it off. The ankle support was build with a flimsy plastic material that was no longer present on the more recent model that is shown on the above pictures. It was replaced with a stronger looking material, and indeed the material around the screw held with no signs of impending failure. But the stress was still more than the ankle support could take and it broke somewhere else.

    I weight 87 kg and I skate leisurely across Paris to an from work. No ramps, no aggressive street acrobatics, no jumping, just skating a couple dozen kilometers every day. Both pairs of roller skates were middle of the range models, but I was expecting a service life longer than the few months they held before breaking. I am looking for similar experiences from Salomon users so that I can determine if the two incidents are just lack of luck, me doing something wrong, unreliability from Salomon roller skates ot just inflated expectations from my part. I need a new pair of roller skates. I like riding Salomon, but if they are that flimsy I may well buy something else. Meanwhile I ride mountain bike...


  • Many have tactlessly pointed out that I am too fat and that I should ride something more robust. I guess that's what I'm going to do since getting lighter is not an option - in fact I have already lost 12 kg over the last six months.
  • Returning the skates to Salomon is not an option since the 12 month warranty has expired : I don't ride much in winter (riding in the traffic in Paris is dangerous enough to dissuade me from doing it in wet weather) so even though the skates have had much less than a year of actual use they were both older than that when they broke.
  • A few riders have suggested removing the holding screw and riding with the ankle free to move longitudinaly. I have tried and disliked that, but many people apparently appreciate the extra flex for more power and harder parallel turns. I may try again to find out why they are doing it.
  • Apparently, this problem is common to the whole Salomon family, but only with the most brutal users : others report no problems.


  • My post on fr.rec.sports.roller and the discussion that followed.

    Some folks have reposted my problem to Rouliroula and Londonskaters and it got me valuable feedback :
  • A discussion in french refering to this page
  • A discussion refering to this page.
  • Is the 'energiser' a design fault ?
  • Takin out the 'energiser' rivet.


  • Let's face it, I'm a heavy brute and that's most certainly why these skates broke.
  • Removing the 'energiser' screw is probably a good idea, and now that I am more experienced I may enjoy it.
  • I don't think there is a particular problem with Salomon, but my next pair of skates may be something else that won't break with my usage.

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