I shoot digital, I scan negatives, and here are a few things I learned along the way.

I now publish most of my musings and forays about imaging in the photography section of my blog.

  • January 2005 - I was looking for a better way than Gimp's unsharp mask and I stumbled on Thorsten Schnebeck's Lab sharpen script. I could not find LAB-sharpen.scm anywhere but on a German forum, so I distribute it here in the hope that more people will have the joy of discovering it. This script is based on Eric Jeschke's tutorials, "Reducing CCD Noise" and "Smart Sharpening". Try it ! It is now an important part of my arsenal and I often use it instead of the Gimp's standard unsharp mask. Adequate sharpening, less noise... This is often exactly I need for my 300D's images.
  • February 2004 - Gimp and Imagemagick are very complementary tools. I use them both but they implement the unsharp mask differently. Here is how I sorted out that problem.
  • Some time in 2000 - I once had a problem with noise in the lower right corner of some graphics during conversion from TIF to PNG. Here are the facts.

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